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Economic Empowerment and Inclusion of Women in APEC Economies

Economic Empowerment and Inclusion of Women in APEC publication

The National Center for APEC worked closely with health policy stakeholders to develop a report that highlights the positive health and economic outcomes that result from investment in health systems and business friendly regulatory environments.

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Further Information

For further information on the National Center for APEC's work on women and the economy, please contact Barbara Hazzard.


Women throughout the APEC region face challenges related to obtaining capital, reaching markets, developing skills and capacity, accessing networks, and achieving leadership positions. These obstacles result in untapped productivity and inhibited economic growth in the region. To address these barriers and take steps to promote women’s engagement in the global economy, APEC leaders have developed a long-term agenda focused on these issues.

Engagement in the Policy Partnership on Women and the Economy

  • U.S. Delegation with Ambassador Ted Osius at the 2017 Policy Partnership on Women and the Economy, Hue Vietnam

    U.S. Delegation with Ambassador Ted Osius at the 2017 Policy Partnership on Women and the Economy, Hue Vietnam

In 2011, APEC refocused its efforts on women's economic inclusion by creating the Policy Partnership on Women and the Economy (PPWE). The PPWE is a public-private entity that seeks to bring greater attention to women's issues within APEC fora, and meets annually to identify solutions and seek progress on these issues. 
The PPWE’s main tasks include:

  • Assisting and cooperating with APEC groups to identify and address gender equality and women and the economy issues;
  • Promoting and reporting on women's representation across APEC and within individual groups;
  • Assessing the use of gender equality criteria in project proposals, reporting, and evaluation;
  • Collecting and sharing best practices in gender equality integration;
  • Supporting and reporting on the progress of implementing gender integration within individual groups and across APEC economies;
  • Proactively engaging key members of the PPWE, including the private sector and ABAC;
  • Collaborating and assisting in the development of project proposals focused on women and the economy; and
  • Proposing recommendations and priority areas to advance gender equality and women and the economy issues in APEC.

The PPWE's first meeting took place in San Francisco, California, alongside the first Women and the Economy Summit. The public-private dialogue brought together senior figures from business and government to discuss ways to strengthen women's participation in APEC economies and drive economic growth in the region.

The Summit culminated in the San Francisco Declaration, a policy roadmap that was formally endorsed by APEC Leaders in 2011. The Declaration commits APEC economies to address five major challenges that inhibit women's full participation in commerce: access to capital; access to markets; skills, capacity, and health-building; improving women's access to leadership roles; and access to technology and innovation. The PPWE is instrumental in ensuring that recommendations for overcoming these challenges are implemented throughout the region.

Collaborating with U.S. Government Officials, International Institutions, and APEC Officials

The National Center for APEC (NCAPEC) works closely with the U.S. Department of State to coordinate private sector participation in the PPWE, and to represent the U.S. private sector's perspective and best practices in the PPWE policy dialogue.

As a part of its work, NCAPEC organizes an annual breakfast, in collaboration with the U.S. government, focused on women’s economic empowerment. This event explores ways the public and private sectors can encourage implementation of APEC recommendations on women’s economic empowerment, and promote greater awareness of the economic returns associated with a more engaged and diverse workforce.

Advancing U.S. Business Priorities in the APEC Business Advisory Council

NCAPEC participates in the ABAC Women's Forum, which develops initiatives and policy recommendations focused on integrating more women into APEC economies. NCAPEC works within that dialogue to promote U.S. industry’s priorities and best practices, and to showcase areas where U.S. industry leads on women’s issues. 

In conjunction with ABAC, NCAPEC commissioned the 2013 report, Economic Empowerment and Inclusion of Women in APEC Economies. The report demonstrates how strengthening women’s role in local economies can help forge new businesses, expand markets, and promote economic vitality in the Asia Pacific. The report was shared directly with APEC leaders and stakeholders.