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  • November 4 - November 7, 2017
  • November 5 - November 6, 2017
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Asia-Pacific Mining Sector Study

Asia-Pacific Mining Sector Study

APEC economies are crucial suppliers of mined commodities, with mineral rents for APEC accounting for more than USD $430 billion in 2013. This report outlines the current status and importance of the mining industry in the APEC region, and identifies steps government can take to encourage investment in the mining sector that will contribute to their economies and populace.

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The mining sector makes a vital contribution to the Asia-Pacific region’s economic success, as close to 75 percent of all global mining trade and investment is conducted within the region. APEC’s member economies are significant producers and consumers of minerals and metals and are beneficiaries of the economic activity they create.

Given the importance of this issue regionally, APEC established its Mining Task Force (MTF) in 2007. The MTF’s objective is to facilitate dialogue and coordinate regular exchanges between industry, APEC officials, and Ministers’ Responsible for Mining to promote mining-related trade and investment, encourage sustainability, and deepen community engagement efforts.

Coordinating U.S. Private Sector Priorities

The National Center for APEC's (NCAPEC) membership includes companies with substantial interests in the mining sector. NCAPEC develops opportunities for companies to engage with foreign officials, policymakers, non-governmental organizations,  and private sector counterparts in other economies through annual MTF and Ministerial meetings.

Advancing U.S. Business Priorities in the APEC Business Advisory Council

  • Mining Ministeral Meeting

    Chilean Mining Minister meets with international business delegates, Beijing, China.

    Mining PPD

    Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) on Mining.

As the Secretariat for the three U.S. executives who are appointed by the U.S. government to serve on the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC), NCAPEC works with ABAC representatives to engage in initiatives and dialogues designed to convey the international mining sector’s interests to officials as well as build partnerships.

In 2014, NCAPEC reinvigorated APEC’s Mining Agenda by orchestrating the first public private dialogue with the APEC Mining Task Force in Beijing, China in partnership with the Chinese government. Subsequently, executives directly engaged with APEC Mining Ministers in discussions on policy during a ministerial meeting hosted by the Chinese government on the following day.

To provide a platform for discussion, ABAC worked with 11 international mining companies and a global consultancy to commission the Asia-Pacific Mining Sector Study, which measured the impact that the sector has on the regional economy and identified best practices for attracting investment, engaging with communities and mining sustainably.

Recent Activities and Engagements

NCAPEC has worked extensively with companies to advance their energy trade and investment priorities in APEC. Most recently, in May 2017, NCAPEC developed and managed the APEC Mining Public-Private Dialogue, hosting officials from 13 APEC economies alongside members of the U.S. and Asia-Pacific mining industry. The dialogue served as a key channel for U.S companies to raise priority issues with regional mining officials, such as the importance of balanced and transparent mining regulations, community engagement, innovation, and sustainability. NCAPEC also participated in the Mining Task Force meeting and secured speaking opportunities for its members at that meeting.