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Attracting and Harnessing Infrastructure FDI to Secure Lasting Economic Growth

Investment and Infrastructure publication

The National Center for APEC collaborated with the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) to develop the report, "Attracting and Harnessing Infrastructure FDI to Secure Lasting Economic Growth." The report highlights how diverse government institutions and areas of policy need to be coordinated in close cooperation with the private sector to facilitate FDI in infrastructure.

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Further Information

For further information on the National Center for APEC's work on investment policy, please contact Stephanie Henry.


Foreign investment is critical to facilitating economic growth in the Asia Pacific. When companies invest in foreign markets, they drive economic growth by creating jobs, raising incomes, and strengthening trade flows. Further, foreign investment is a valuable source for sustainable employment and tax revenue in developing economies, and contributes to better standards of living for local communities. 

Although APEC is a top destination for global foreign direct investment (FDI), barriers to investment remain. Those barriers can include restrictions on market-entry, local content requirements, discriminatory licensing policies, and poor regulatory transparency, among other issues. To address these problematic policies, the National Center for APEC (NCAPEC) advocates for open and fair investment measures that enhance APEC economies’ competitiveness and contribute to long-term economic growth.

Coordinating U.S. Private Sector Priorities and Advocating for Fair and Open Investment Environments

NCAPEC works closely with the private sector to develop and advocate for policies that facilitate transparent and competitive investment environments. As one example, in 2011, NCAPEC collaborated with the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) and government stakeholders to develop the report, Investing for Growth. That publication focused on steps economies can take to boost FDI and promote economic growth in APEC economies.

NCAPEC also worked closely with stakeholders in 2013 to develop a tool aimed at raising awareness of barriers to FDI.  That tool, ABAC’s Enablers of Infrastructure Investment Checklist, was designed to help APEC governments better understand what policies attract private sector infrastructure investment, and dissuade governments from imposing harmful investment regulations. The Checklist was released with a companion report entitled, Attracting and Harnessing Infrastructure FDI to Secure Lasting Economic Growth.  The report and Checklist have since been leveraged in dialogues with APEC ministers, policymakers, and senior members of the business community. To date, more than half of APEC governments have completed the Checklist and submitted results to ABAC.   

Collaborating with U.S. Government Officials, International Institutions, and APEC Officials

NCAPEC coordinates closely with private sector stakeholders and APEC officials to advance U.S. industry objectives in APEC investment discussions. As a part of its advocacy, NCAPEC engages regularly with the APEC Investment Experts Group (IEG), which is comprised of experts on investment issues and officials responsible for investment policy. NCAPEC has worked with the IEG to facilitate public-private dialogues (PPD) focused on implementing collaboratively-developed investment policy recommendations and industry best practices.  NCAPEC has channeled U.S. industry input into the PPD, and IEG, to promote open and fair investment policy in APEC economies. 

Advancing U.S. Business Priorities in the APEC Business Advisory Council 

  • Finance Ministers

    Finance Ministers from APEC Economies meet with senior business representatives to discuss recommendations from NCAPEC's Investing for Growth report on the margins of the 2011 CEO Summit.

ABAC is the formal mechanism for private sector input into the APEC process. Three U.S. company representatives are appointed by the U.S. government to serve on ABAC, and NCAPEC serves as the Secretariat for U.S. ABAC members.

NCAPEC engages regularly with U.S. and foreign ABAC representatives to advance U.S. industry’s input into ABAC. NCAPEC also works to ensure that ABAC’s Annual Report to Leaders – a report containing ABAC representatives’ top policy recommendations –reflects U.S. industry’s objectives and priorities. NCAPEC also works closely with ABAC to contribute to ongoing public-private consultations on investment issues, including ABAC’s Asia Pacific Infrastructure Partnership (APIP) and the Regional Investment Analytical Group (RIAG).