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Leveraging Innovative Solutions to Create Economic Dividends: Case Studies from the Asia-Pacific

Food Security Strategic Framework publication

The National Center for APEC partnered with TRPC, a consultancy based in Singapore, to develop a report that profiles how companies and organizations in the region are leveraging new technology and innovative solutions to generate economic dividends.

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For further information on the National Center for APEC's work on innovation, please contact Mia Reyes.


The digital economy is changing the way companies do business across the Asia-Pacific and globally. Digital services provide companies with new channels to reach and engage with consumers across nearly every industry and sector, ranging from health care to finance. These services are also enabling governments to better meet the needs of their citizens, by providing new and innovative means to address societal challenges, like transportation and disaster relief services. Given the growing importance of digital services in Asia-Pacific economies, APEC leaders have increasingly focused on the components that make digital trade and services possible, including cross-border data flows, digital goods trade, and strong privacy rules. To focus exclusively on these issues, APEC Leaders endorsed in 2014 The APEC Initiative of Cooperation to Promote the Internet Economy, and created a Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) level Ad-Hoc Steering Group on the Internet Economy.

Coordinating U.S. Private Sector Priorities and Promoting Digital Trade

The National Center for APEC's (NCAPEC) membership consists of  multi-national companies that drive digital innovation across a range of industries and sectors. NCAPEC provides opportunities for companies to engage with government officials, policymakers, and private sector counterparts in APEC economies through APEC sub fora, high level public-private dialogues, and bilateral meetings. As one example, in 2016 NCAPEC coordinated the first ever Executive Forum on Innovation, Disruption and Growth in San Francisco, CA, which brought together senior-level government and business representatives from across the APEC region, as well as thought leaders, media figures and representatives of large and small U.S. companies.

Collaborating with U.S. Government Officials, International Institutions, and APEC Officials

NCAPEC engages with the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, U.S. Department of Commerce, and U.S. Department of State to convey private sector priorities in APEC and identify opportunities for public-private cooperation on digital economy and digital trade issues.  NCAPEC’s regular collaboration with government enables the U.S. private sector to fully leverage APEC and promotes sound policies governing the digital economy in the Asia-Pacific region.

Advancing U.S. Business Priorities in the APEC Business Advisory Council  

NCAPEC serves as the Secretariat for the three U.S. executives appointed by the U.S. government to serve on the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC).  In this role, NCAPEC works with ABAC representatives to engage in initiatives and dialogues on the digital economy, and promoting U.S. industry’s views in ABAC's recommendations to Leaders and Ministers.

In 2014, NCAPEC spearheaded the creation of a “digital economy work stream” in ABAC that would provide a unique, business-focused perspective to the ongoing digital economy dialogue in APEC. As economies are continuing to develop policies domestically to govern digital economy issues, this work stream serves an important purpose to promote best practices and raise industry concerns on policy issues in the region.